Our work in heart rhythm therapies dates back to 1957, when co-founder Earl Bakken developed the first wearable heart pacemaker to treat abnormally slow heart rates. Since then, we've expanded our expertise in electrical stimulation to treat other cardiac rhythm diseases. We've also moved into overall disease management by adding diagnostic tools and building monitoring capabilities into many of our devices.

Heart Rhythm Disease Management

Key Product Categories

Reveal LINQ Insertable Cardiac Monitor

Reveal LINQ ICM System

Reveal LINQ™
Insertable Cardiac Monitor

The revolutionary Reveal LINQ™ Insertable Cardiac Monitoring System is designed to help your doctor quickly diagnose and treat irregular heartbeats that may be related to unexplained fainting.

Powerfully Small

  • The Reveal LINQ ICM is the smallest heart monitor on the market.
  • It automatically detects and records abnormal heart rhythms for up to 3 years.*
  • It’s safe for use in an MRI setting.

Simple and Discreet

  • The Reveal LINQ ICM is placed just under the skin of your chest in a simple outpatient procedure.
  • The ultra-discreet heart monitor is not visible in most patients.

The ultra-discreet heart monitor is not visible in most patients

* Based on usage parameters outlined in the Reveal LINQ ICM Clinician Manual.

† Reveal LINQ ICM has been demonstrated to pose no known hazards in a specified MR environment with specified conditions of use. Please see the Reveal LINQ ICM Clinician Manual for more details.

Refer to the device manual for detailed information regarding the implant procedure, indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and potential complications/adverse events.

Catheter-Based Ablation Systems*

Medtronic Catheter-Based Ablation Systems
Medtronic Catheter-Based Ablation Systems

Based on operator preference, two different systems are available for the treatment of atrial fibrillation. A catheter (a thin, flexible wire) carrying an inflatable balloon, or an array with multiple electrodes is inserted into the body via a small cut in the groin and advanced to the opening of the pulmonary veins in the heart. The balloon is inflated and cooled with a refrigerant. The array is deployed and powered with radiofrequency. Both technologies cause heart tissue to scar, disabling unwanted electrical circuits that contribute to abnormal heartbeats (atrial fibrillation).

Implantable Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Pacemakers and Defibrillators (CRT-Ps and CRT-Ds)*


These devices, which are typically implanted in the upper chest, monitor and synchronize the beating of the left and right chambers of the heart to optimize pumping capability.


For Patients
See our Heart Failure website.

Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDs)*

Evera XT ICD

These devices, which are typically implanted in the upper chest, monitor heart rhythms and send tiny electrical impulses and/or shocks to the heart as needed to regulate or revive heartbeat.

For Patients
See our Sudden Cardiac Arrest website.

Implantable Pacing Systems*

Advisa MRI pacemaker

These devices, which are typically implanted in the upper chest, monitor heart rhythms and send tiny electrical impulses to the heart as needed to regulate heartbeat.

Medtronic is the global leader in pacing technology, and it recently developed the first MRI-safe pacemaker systems which allow safe MRI access (under certain conditions) for pacemaker patients with a SureScan® system.

Insertable Cardiac Monitors*

Medtronic Insertable Cardiac Monitor

These small devices, which are typically implanted just beneath the skin of the upper chest, continuously monitor heart rhythms and record them either automatically or when triggered by a hand-held patient assistant to help diagnose the cause of abnormal heartbeats.

Remote Monitoring Systems for Implantable Cardiac Devices*

Medtronic Remote Monitoring System for Implantable Cardiac Devices

These systems link our implantable devices with authorized physicians via the Internet. This allows physicians to perform a complete analysis of all the data stored in a patient's device, similar to what would be viewed in an in-office visit.

Renal Denervation

Key Product Categories

Renal Denervation Ablation Catheters*

Renal Denervation Ablation Catheter


The system consists of a small steerable treatment catheter and an automatically-controlled treatment delivery generator. The treatment does not require open surgery. A guiding catheter is inserted through a sheath to direct the catheter to the renal arteries. The catheter delivers high-frequency radio waves, called RF waves, to 4-6 locations within each of the two renal arteries. This energy delivery aims to disrupt the nerves which will sustainably lower the blood pressure.



The Medtronic Coronary business develops technologies that support interventional cardiologists in the treatment of coronary artery disease, the most common type of heart disease and cause of heart attacks. The disease is caused by plaque building up along the inner walls of the arteries of the heart, which narrows the arteries and restricts blood flow to the heart.

Medtronic offers a wide range of innovative technologies such as stents, drug eluting stents, balloon catheters, guide wires and guide catheters for a wide range of indications to help physicians restore blood flow to the heart and extend patients’ lives.

Key Product Categories

Balloon Angioplasty and Stenting*

Medtronic Balloon Angioplasty and Stenting

A coronary stent is a tiny, expandable mesh tube made of medical-grade stainless steel or cobalt alloy metal. The stent is mounted onto a tiny balloon that is opened inside a coronary artery to push back plaque and restore blood flow.

Medtronic also offers drug-eluting stents, which in addition to providing structural support to the coronary artery, have a medicated coating to help prevent the vessel from re-narrowing.


*For a listing of indications, contraindications, precautions, warnings, and potential adverse events, please refer to the Instructions for Use.


Last updated: 3 Mar 2015

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